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Medicare Advantage – Special Needs Plans

Medicare Advantage plans come in many different types. Although PPO and HMO plans are the most popular, Special Needs Plans (SNPs) offer incredibly good benefits IF you are eligible.

Dual Special Needs Plans (DSNP)

Dual Special Needs Plans are for people who are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid. Typically you must have at least a Medicaid level of QMB+ or higher to qualify.

The first thing you’ll notice when looking through the summary of benefits for a DSNP is that the co-pays for most items are $0. This is possible because DSNPs coordinate your benefits from Medicaid & Medicare to get all the low costs of Medicaid + the additional benefits of a Medicare Advantage plan like dental, vision, hearing, meals, transportation, gym memberships, and more.

To learn more about different types of Medicare Advantage plans, read our pages on PPO plans and HMO plans.

Medicare sure can be confusing, huh? We made a video that goes through Medicare step-by-step. This is the easiest way to learn. Check it out!