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Medicare Mama

Sylvia Gordon is co-founder of The Medicare Family, a national insurance brokerage, and President of Gordon Marketing, one of the largest distributors of insurance products to independent insurance agents in the nation.

She has sat on the advisory boards of many of the largest insurance companies in the nation including Aetna, Cigna and United Healthcare, Standard Life and United American/Globe life.

Sylvia is well know as a dynamic national speaker on Medicare insurance and author of many articles on topics related to those over the age of 65. Her industry social media posts make her one of the most visible personalities in insurance with over 250,000 followers @MedicareMama on Tik Tok. Her ability to simplify complex Medicare topics has made her training classes very popular both in person and via Zoom.

Together with her son, Elliot, she runs The Medicare Family, a national agency that helps retirees with Medicare, Social Security and investments.

She has four children and three foreign exchange students that surround her and her husband with an amazing amount of fun. Sylvia raises chickens and goats.

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