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Our Story

At The Medicare Family, we’ve been helping seniors navigate Medicare since the 1980’s.

We know that Medicare is confusing. When you add on the scam phone calls and the non-stop advertisements, it becomes nearly impossible to tell up from down.

That’s why we do what we do. Since the beginning, our family’s mission has been able to make Medicare easy.

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Where We Started

Margaret Gordon, founder of The Medicare Family, grew up in the Amish community outside of Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Her love for reading showed her that there was a lot more to the world than her simple life with the Amish. So at age 18, fed up with how things were going, she left the Amish community and set off into the world. For years she worked as a maid to pay the bills before she met Richard “Dick” Gordon at a “supper club” and fell in love. Mr. Gordon knew she was ‘the one’ when he first visited her house and saw a copy of his favorite book, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, on her table.

Fast forward to 1980. Dick Gordon was a successful insurance agent for Washington National insurance company, but he realized that being able to only offer a single product to his clients was doing them a disservice. He and Margaret decided to start their own independent insurance brokerage that would offer plans from 50+ different companies.

Year by year they kept expanding. What started as a single office turned into one of the largest distributors of Medicare plans in the nation with thousands of downline insurance agents and hundreds of thousands of clients served.

The Gordon’s welcomed their daughter Sylvia into the family business in 1995. Over 10 family members now work in the family business. The Medicare Family became a 3 generation business in 2015 when Dick & Margaret Gordon’s grandson Elliot joined the family business.

From left: Elliot, Margaret, Sylvia, and Richard Gordon

Where We Are Today

We’ve never been more excited about our ability to help our clients than we are today. As more and more seniors begin using social media platforms, we’re able to reach over one million people each month with our popular educational content. Now more than ever, we know seniors are searching for honesty and experienced advisors to make sure they are on the right path for their health insurance.

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Medicare sure can be confusing, huh? We made a video that goes through Medicare step-by-step. This is the easiest way to learn. Check it out!