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Which Medicare Supplement Is Best?

Anytime there are tons and tons of options, we always get asked “which one is best?” With Medicare Supplement plans the three most popular plans are:

Why Supplement Plan F is the best

Of the three, Plan F is the easiest to eliminate. If you became eligible for Medicare since January 1, 2020, you are not even eligible for a Plan F. But if you were eligible for Medicare prior to that, its still an option for you. You may even currently have a Plan F. Based on the rate increases we are seeing and the lower premiums on Plan G, we no longer recommend Plan F to our clients.

Why Supplement Plan G is the best

The decision between Plan G and Plan N is not as clear. Both are great plans with high coverage levels and no networks. Many people choose Medicare Supplements, in general, because they don’t want the co-pays of a Medicare Advantage plan. So for those people, the idea of having co-pays on their Plan N is not very attractive. On the other hand, if you aren’t going to the doctor very often, you can likely save money by be on a Plan N.

Why Supplement Plan N is the best

Overall our recommendation would be to start with the Plan G. If you’re really healthy, look at the Plan N rates in your area to see if the savings on your monthly premium makes up for the co-pays at the doctor/emergency room.