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Medicare Supplement Eligibility

In order to be approved for a Medicare Supplement plan, you will have to pass health underwriting questions. These questions will be different for each company. Some common criteria we see are:

  •  In the past several years, have you had cancer, heart attack or stroke?
  • Do you have COPD?
  • Do you have diabetes that requires you take over 50 units of Insulin per day?
  • Have you been in the hospital recently?
  • Do you have any pending test results or upcoming procedures?

If you can answer “No” to all of these questions, you may be able to qualify for a Medicare Supplement plan. If you answered “Yes” to any of these, you will likely be denied coverage.



 New To Medicare Part B: When you start Medicare Part B you get a 7-month window where you can enroll in a supplement plan with no health questions. For people with pre-existing conditions, this is their only chance to get a Medicare Supplement plan. 

Losing Employer Coverage

Certain State Rules