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Insurance Companies

Here at The Medicare Family, we represent 30+ of the top insurance companies in the nation, so that we can help our clients find the right plan in their area. 

How We Choose Companies

We only choose to represent certain companies. The two main reasons we choose to or not to work with in insurance company are:

  1. Financial Rating – We only represent companies that are financially sound. We expect every company to be around for decades.
  2. Our Client Experiences – In our 30+ years of experience, we have a pretty good idea of which companies treat our clients well and which companies don’t. We avoid certain companies for this reason. 

Companies We Represent

The Medicare Family represents the following companies:

  • Accendo
  • Aetna
  • Aetna Health and Life Insurance Company (An Aetna Company)
  • Allstate
  • American Continental Insurance Company (An Aetna Company)
  • American Retirement Life Insurance Company (A Cigna Company)
  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Ambetter
  • Amerigroup
  • Ameritas
  • Atlantic Coast Life
  • Ascension
  • Bankers Fidelity Life Medicare
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • CareSource
  • Cigna
  • Cigna Health Spring
  • Continental Life Insurance Company (An Aetna Company)
  • Florida Blue
  • Gerber Life Insurance
  • Globe Life
  • Government Personnel Mutual
  • Guarantee Trust Life
  • Heartland National
  • Humana
  • International Medical Group
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Loyal American Life Insurance Company (A Cigna Company)
  • Manhattan Life
  • Manhattan Life Assurance Company
  • Medico
  • Molina
  • Mutual of Omaha
  • National General
  • New Era Life Insurance
  • Omaha Insurance Company (A Mutual of Omaha Company)
  • Philadelphia American Life Insurance
  • Prosperity Life
  • SilverScript (A CVS Caremark Company)
  • United American
  • UnitedHealthcare®
  • United HealthOne
  • United of Omaha (A Mutual of Omaha Company)
  • United World (A Mutual of Omaha Company)
  • Western United Life Insurance Company (A Manhattan Life Company)
  • Wellcare
  • Centene
  • allwell.
  • Ascension Health
  • Empire
  • Healthy Blue
  • MaineHealth
  • Health Keepers

Disclaimer: We do not represent every single insurance company. For a complete list of insurance companies in your area, call Medicare at 1-800-MEDICARE. 

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Which Company is the Best?

There is no best overall company, but there may be a best company in your area for your unique situation. That’s why its so important to work with a Medicare broker.

Are Small Medigap Companies Bad?

Not necessarily. There are small, well-run companies that you’ve never heard of because instead of spending their money on Super Bowl commercials, they reinvest that into their business. 

I had Company X insurance at my job, Should I get them for my Medicare plan too?

If you had a good experience with that company in the past, then sure. 

However, the Medicare side and Employer Group health parts of the insurance company are totally separate business units (often in different parts of the country).


So there you have it, a list of the insurance companies we represent and why we choose them. This may seem like a lot (and it is), but not all of these companies offer insurance plans in every state. To see which companies offer plans in your area, schedule an appointment with us or give us a call. 

Sylvia Gordon, aka Medicare Mama®, is an expert on all things Medicare and Social Security. She is the 2nd Generation here at The Medicare Family and has served on the advisory boards of major insurance companies like UnitedHealthcare®, Cigna, and Anthem. In her free time, she can be found taking care of her animals (dogs, goats, peacocks, chickens), and reading a good book. Learn More.
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