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Social Security Give Back for Medicare

A Medicare Part B “Give Back” is a benefit offered by certain Medicare Advantage plans that literally puts money back into your Social Security check. This extra benefit has been advertised all over TV, but it sounds too good to be true. 

In this article, we explain how it works, whether there are any downsides, and where to find a give back plan in your area.

What is the Medicare Part B Give Back?

The Medicare Part B Give Back is an extra benefit on available on some Medicare Advantage plans that gives you a refund of all or part of your Medicare Part B premium. Also known as Part B premium reduction, this amount can range from under $1 up to the full amount of your Part B premium ($164.90 in 2023). 

  • Important!

    If Medicaid or another government program pays your Part B premium, you won't be eligible for the give back.

Who is Eligible for the Part B Give Back?

In order to be eligible for the Give Back, you must meet the following requirements:

Since Medicare Advantage plans are filed by county, your zip code may or may not have a plan available. Check with an expert (that’s us!) to see if there are any Give Back plans in your area.

How is the Part B Give Back Paid?

How you receive the Part B give back money depends on what method you are using to pay for Medicare Part B premiums.

  • Social Security – If you pay for Part B through Social Security, your Give Back will appear as a credit on your Social Security check.
  • Paper Bill – If you receive a quarterly paper bill, your bill will be lowered by the amount of the Give Back benefit.
  • Monthly Bank Draft – If you have automatic bank drafts set up with Medicare Easy Pay, you will see the amount taken decrease by the amount of the Give Back.

Warning: It can take Social Security between 1 to 3 months to update and start your Part B Give Back payment. 

What's the Catch?

The only catch is that Medicare Advantage companies only get so much money to provide you healthcare benefits. So, the money they give back to you has to come from somewhere else in your plan. This could mean more cost sharing or fewer extra benefits. 

Also, remember that Medicare Advantage plan benefits change every calendar year. If you signed up for a plan specifically for the Give Back, make sure that you confirm it continues to offer a Give Back when you receive your Annual Notice of Change letter in the fall.


Is the Medicare Give Back real?

Yes, but it is only available on Medicare Advantage plans in certain areas of the country. Check with an expert (like us!) to see if a Give Back plan is offered in your area.

How do I qualify for $144 back?

In order to qualify for your Medicare Part B premium “given back”, you must be enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan that offers that benefit.

What is the give back benefit for Social Security?

The Give Back benefit is a type of Medicare Advantage plan benefit that refunds you part (or all) of your Medicare Part B premium.

Since most people have their Part B deducted from their Social Security check, you will notice a bump in your Social Security payment when the Give Back kicks in.


The Social Security Give Back for Medicare is a real benefit offered on certain Medicare Advantage plans. However, it is not available in all parts of the country. To check if there is a Part B Give Back plan available in your area, schedule an appointment with us.
Sylvia Gordon, aka Medicare Mama®, is an expert on all things Medicare and Social Security. She is the 2nd Generation here at The Medicare Family and has served on the advisory boards of major insurance companies like UnitedHealthcare®, Cigna, and Anthem. In her free time, she can be found taking care of her animals (dogs, goats, peacocks, chickens), and reading a good book. Learn More.
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