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Medigap + Part D Clients

Medigap plans are not affected by the Annual Election Period and automatically renew on your policy anniversary. During the fall it is your Part D plan choices that should be reviewed.

Important! Medigap Plans Do Not Change Each Fall

As mentioned in the video above, your Medigap (Medicare Supplement) plan does NOT have annual benefit changes like Part D plans do. So you do not need to worry about that plan right now. This means that if you have Plan F or Plan G or Plan N – you do not have to worry that any benefits are changing for next year. Medigap plans have standardized benefits, and they renew each year on your policy anniversary date, which is often not during the fall.

You can change your Medigap policy at any time through the year by applying with another company, but you must be able to pass underwriting first. During the election period, it is best to concentrate only on your drug plan since your Medigap plan’s benefits do not change.

What you need to do during AEP

Review your Annual Notice of Change when you receive it from your current Part D plan. Those changes will be implemented January 1st of the following year.

Reason to change your Part D plan:

  • Your premium has increased significantly.
  • One or more of your drugs are not covered.
  • Your pharmacy is not in-network with the plan.
  • You were not satisfied with your plan.

You don’t need to change your plan if:

  • Your drugs are covered and cost-effective
  • The premium and copays don’t have significant changes
  • You were satisfied with your plan.

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