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 Which Supplement Is Best?

Anytime there are tons and tons of options, we always get asked “which one is best?” With Medicare Supplement plans the three most popular plans are:

– Plan F
– Plan G
– Plan N

Of the three, Plan F is the easiest to eliminate. If you became eligible for Medicare since January 1, 2020, you are not even eligible for a Plan F. But if you were eligible for Medicare prior to that, its still an option for you. You may even currently have a Plan F. Based on the rate increases we are seeing and the lower premiums on Plan G, we no longer recommend Plan F to our clients. 

The decision between Plan G and Plan N is not as clear. Both are great plans with high coverage levels and no networks. Many people choose Medicare Supplements, in general, because they don’t want the co-pays of a Medicare Advantage plan. So for those people, the idea of having co-pays on their Plan N is not very attractive. On the other hand, if you aren’t going to the doctor very often, you can likely save money by be on a Plan N.

Overall our recommendation would be to start with the Plan G. If you’re really healthy, look at the Plan N rates in your area to see if the savings on your monthly premium makes up for the co-pays at the doctor/emergency room.