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Medicare insurance is our specialty. Often times, when we get through helping someone with the ins and out of Medicare, they want our help with all of their other insurance needs to. While we can’t help you get a lower rate on your car insurance (yet?) there are several other categories that we do frequently assist people with.

Lump Sum Cancer Plans -Cancer is an unfortunate reality of the world we live in and its best to be prepared. Plans are available that are designed to send you a one-time check if you are diagnosed with cancer. This money can be used for medical bills, transportation, someone to care for your home, and any other of the many expenses that come up with a cancer diagnosis.

Long Term Care Insurance – The cost of long term care has exploded, leaving many people unable to pay for a facility. Get a quote on what the LTC policies cost in your area.

Life Insurance -Most people are familiar with life insurance, but not many are aware that there are plans with no health questions design especially for seniors who never thought they would be able to qualify. Even $10,000 of coverage can pay for a large portion of a typical funeral.

Please reach out to us if there is ever any way we can help you.


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The Medicare Family made the difficult choices seem easy, and no pressure whatsoever. They treated me like family and I would recommend them to all my friends and neighbors.