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Medicare Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We speak with thousands of Medicare beneficiaries each year. Here are some of questions that we see frequently.

Will I Be Penalized If I Don't Sign Up For Medicare?

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Yes, but only if you don’t have other creditable coverage. If you’re going to continue working past age 65, you won’t have a penalty as long as your employer coverage is deemed “Creditable Coverage”.

Do I Still Have to Pay For Part B If I Get Supplemental Coverage?

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Yes, you must continue to pay the $170.10/mo for Part B (or higher if you have a higher income). Your Medicare Supplement or Advantage plan will not work if you don’t keep your Medicare Part B.

How Do I Sign Up For Medicare?

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What Is The Best Way to Get Dental Coverage?

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Most Medicare Advantage plans will include at least some dental coverage.

Medicare Supplements do not include ANY dental coverage.

For most, the best way to get dental coverage is with a stand-alone dental plan.

Shop dental plans here. 

Do I Have To Sign Up For A Drug Plan?

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Technically No.

But if you do not have creditable drug coverage and you decide to get Medicare Part D – Drug Coverage at some point in the future, you’ll be given a monthly penalty based on how long you went without coverage! In our opinion, its best to pickup a cheap drug plan just to avoid the penalty.

Learn more about Medicare Penalties here.


What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

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Original Medicare – Automatically taken out of your Social Security check. If you’re not receiving SS yet, the default setting is quarterly bill. You can set this to be taken out of your bank account monthly by submitting the Medicare EZ Pay form.

Medicare Advantage / Drug Plans – Monthly premium can be deducted from SS or from bank account. No credit cards accepted.

Medicare Supplements – Monthly bank draft is the preferred method.

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