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How Do You Get Paid?

When we explain to our clients that our service is 100% free and they never have to pay extra to for our help, we often are asked: “well nobody works for free…how do you get paid?”

This is a really important thing to understand. Knowing how someone gets paid gives you an idea of whether you can trust their recommendation or not. For example, when you see a TV commercial from one of the big insurance companies telling you about how their plans are #1….can you really trust them? It doesn’t take much digging to realize that OF COURSE they’re going to tell you they have the best plans, thats all they have to offer!

Here at The Medicare Family, if we help you identify a good plan and then enroll you in that plan, we are paid a small commission directly from the insurance company. It’s built into the plan’s monthly premium, so you’ll pay the same whether you get our help or not.

That means you get our 30+ years of experience and 5-star rated team for free! So why not see if we can help you find better coverage?

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