About Us

The Medicare Family is the only family specializing in Medicare Insurance plans for three generations. Dick and Margaret Gordon started the company in 1980, their daughter and son in law came into the business in 1995 and their grandson got his insurance license in 2015. There are two other sisters and a brother in the business, plus a sister-in-law (but all were too shy to be in the photos!).

Our family truly loves working with retirees who are entering Medicare. You won’t find a family with deeper roots in this business. We help tens of thousands of Seniors with their Medicare plans every year!

Margaret Gordon was the first one to sell Medicare Supplement plans back in the 1980s. “I’m so proud and excited that not only my daughter but also my grandson now work with retirees. It’s rare to find a family that works together anymore and we know how very blessed we are.” “It is a pleasure to help people with the confusing and often frustrating world of Medicare, but we really do love what we do and we hope it shows!” said Dick.

While our company is now one of the largest distributors of Medicare Insurance plans and other types of insurance for those who are ready to retire, we come from very humble roots. Margaret was raised Amish. She left to become a maid and nanny to support herself and get her GED. Dick was also raised on a farm and was a chicken farmer when their daughter Sylvia was born in 1966—coincidentally that same year Medicare was signed into law. Sylvia went on to earn her law degree in 1993, that same year her son and future Medicare agent, Elliot, was born. The family works together every day on their corporate campus in Indiana. The Medicare Family works with independent agents in all 50 states and Puerto Rico and can help YOU enroll into insurance plans in many ways:

Working with us is always FREE. You never pay more to have an agent on your side. You can’t save money by calling the companies direct—so why not let us work for you?

Our consultations are always free so it pays to shop around! We are not a Wall Street-Owned organization like the vast majority of companies selling Medicare insurance plans. We will still be here tomorrow and in the future when you have claims and need help.

Thank you for visiting our site, and for trusting our family to help you with all of your Medicare Insurance needs!